The Wind River Skate Club is a non-profit organization that operates solely on the efforts of its volunteers. Our members work very hard to keep costs low for our skaters and we need YOUR help to make sure that the WRSC is here for years to come.

As you sign your child up for classes, please find a Board Member to ask how you and your family can volunteer!

The WRSC has two sessions each year, in the Fall and the Spring. Each session lasts approximately 10 weeks long. As a member of the Basic Skills program, you and your child can look forward to structured lessons and free time on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. At the end of the Fall Session, your child will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the Annual Christmas Show. The Christmas Show is the biggest fundraiser of the year! As the Spring Sessions ends we will have a no-charge recital for the public. Both of these events are a great way to focus the accomplishments of all of our skaters.

COSTS (Per Session):


Full Membership*
*This is optional for Basic Skills only participants, but if you plan to compete you will need to purchase this membership

  • 1st Member of the Family is $55.00; each additional member is $25.00.
  • This membership is for a year.

Basic Skills Cost (Cost Will Be Per Session):
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